Apologies for not updating the page for a quite long time. We were quite busy with starting a new operator. Acually we still are busy, as there are several areas were are responsible for now:

  • GSM Core configuration (GMSC, HLR, ITP/STP, SCCP routing, call routing)
  • SMSC (SMSC routing, SMSC home routing setup)
  • GGSN deployment (couple of Gi and Gp to be configured)
  • SIM card (STK apps, roaming)
  • IN platform integration (customized CAP scenarios, Diameter integration with SMSC/GGSN)
  • Global SCCP provider integration, global GRX backbone integration
  • DCH integration
  • Billing platform design
  • and much more ...

Right now working on getting acceptance for interconnect with MNO and national PSTN provider. A lot of work, a lot of details, a lot of interworking configuration.