Arevocom Billing and Customer Service in SaaS model

Its been a while ... We were working for the last four years on BSS/OSS and Telecom Core infrastructure we are ready for new challenges. 

New Arevocom's Billing and Customer Service solution is going to be available in SaaS model for quick deployment. Demo available on web site is comming soon!


Apologies for not updating the page for a quite long time. We were quite busy with starting a new operator. Acually we still are busy, as there are several areas were are responsible for now:


Over the time I was responsible for the implementation of a few projects for telecommunications in the areas near to real-time, and I needed to choose the technology which allows quickly to create new teleco grade services. After some time spent on analysis it seems there is only one choice :) - and this is the first article of the series hopefully related to JAIN SLEE.

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