Arevocom success story is built on company’s long track record and expertise based on previous projects. Broad coverage of different kinds of technological areas gives us exceptional ability to manage our new and existing projects in the best possible manner. As the reference, please find out some of the projects we have successfully completed
  • BSS, VAS and IT architecture design, deployment and operations for Limitless Mobile – Worldwide MVNE/MVNO
    • Operations for BSS, OSS, Core (EU), IP infra
    • Configuration management
    • Customizations
    • Vendor selection advisory
    • Consulting and presales
    • Technical recruitment support.
  • Complete BSS,VAS and IT architecture design, deployment and operations for Unify Mobile – Paneuropean MVNE/MVNO:
    • Total BSS VAS OSS solution – development and operations
    • customer billing and interconnect billing
    • CRM, POS
    • Provisioning, Mediation
    • VAS  – Callback, USSD, External Gateways
  • in&phone
    • Mediation Platform – development and operations
    • Design, Presales/sales, Assessment of implementation of VAS for all tier one operators in Poland and several operators worldwide:
    • Call control,
    • Ringback,
    • MCN,
    • USSD,
    • SMS
    • other VAS solutions
  • Design, assessment and implementation of BSS/OSS solutions :
    • Dubai Internet City
    • In&phone (Switzerland)
    • BSS and managed services for Vistream (German MVNE)