Arevocom Billing and Customer Service - demo story

Hosted BOSS demo scenario - Story

Following story of hosted BOSS demo scenario will guide you through use case of Arevocom Billing and Customer Service platform on example.

If you would like to see complete process: starting on generating LTE like usage (via Diameter) through real time rating and finnish on invoice generation process on request you should follow the scenario below. The sample scenario is based on VoIP call (aka VoLTE example) but simulated on softphones. The call can be either softphone to IVR or between two flash based softphones. The call is controlled by Arevocom's SIP B2B UA and integrated via Diameter to Arevocom Billing and Customer Service platform. 

Relevant contract, tariff and resource information is already configured in the platform. You can see it in contract-subscription-tariff tabs. Please follow demo story as per diagram below, you will be guided by pop-up hints showing up on bottom of the screen.


To access demo please contact Arevocom for user and password.