Camel InSCP (gsmSCF)

The goal is to control the Voice Calls with CAMEL. The routing decision and call filtering decision may be taken based on predefined rules and the information that can be gathered from different sources like HSS, HLR or other type of databases.

The service may be used as:

  • a prepaid service controller
  • a call filtering controller

 The service is presented in figure below:

The service shall interact with:

  • CAMEL enabled MSC - gsmSSF for controlling voice calls
  • Diameter server - for charging session control
  • HLR - for querying for additional data in GSM/UMTS network
  • HSS - for querying for additional data in IMS network

The service shall interact over standard interfaces as defined for IMS:

  • CAP1 and CAP2
  • Diameter Ro as defined on 3GPP TS 32.299 V11.1.0 (2011-09) and 3GPP TS 32.260 V11.1.0 (2011-09)
  • Diameter Sh
  • MAP
  • M3UA link
  • Mobicents or Rhino JAIN SLEE application server