Arevocom offers following ready-to-deploy products in the telecommunication area:

Using platform building blocks, Arevocom can also deliver following customized components which are usually parts of a larger solution:

  • Diameter VAS Gateway - for Diameter level integration
  • CAMEL VAS Gateway - CAMEL Proxy and CAMEL Gateway
  • Callback platform including USSD, SMS or Diameter interfaces
    • USSD products
      • USSD Gateway
      • USSD Service Creation Environment
      • mNurse
      • mBanking
      • mSelfCare
    • SMS/MMS
      • FDAP (First Delivery Attempt Processor)
      • Ad-Server - Campaign management
      • User group and Closed user group - management
    • Voice based Value Added Services
      • GetThrough
      • GetTaxi
    • Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) JAIN SLEE Components
      • Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) Resource Adapter  for Mobicents
      • Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) Resource Adapter  for OpenCloud Rhino