Charging, Rating and Accounting Platform

For those who have their own CRM or Customer Care environment we would like to propose alternative to the end-2-end Arevocom Billing and Customer Service by offering stand-alone Charging, Rating and Accounting Platform.

Platform is based on the same framework as Arevocom Billing and Customer Service but it covers IN and OCS component, online rating, accounting and invoice feed. Exposed API's are enabling easy integration with existing service platforms like Provisioing, CRM, Workflow and other. 

It allows to preserve exising infrastructure, processes and operations at the same time enabling complete hanlding of telecom/service/IoT/M2M billing process. It connects to singalling (SS7/Diameter) or usage data interfacess (REST API or other Java based), does real time processing of events, account balance controll and at the end of the process generates raw invoice data input.

Architecture of the solution is presented below: